About Us

Balleshwar Builders is a name associated with integrity, honesty and delivery. Started off in year 2000, we made it a point that every stone we lay, is from our heart, even the earthquake in year 2002 could move a brick in our creations. We are in this work field since over a decade,we have overcome a lot of hurdles and challenges which now have turned out to be our benchmarks and milestones. 


A name says a lot about you and your attributes. BALLESHWAR got their name from “BALLALESHWAR GOD” who is believed to be the remover of hurdles and pains and source of happiness and wishes; also he is the provider for intellect and art.

Following his road we have residential homes and office complexes for you. We, here at Balleshwar, lessen and remove your and your family’s problem regarding finding you a HOME instead of a HOUSE of bricks; we give you a place where you can come and relax after your tiring day, a place which you can call yours and yours alone. We give you what you have been thriving for; Balleshwar is not just house made of bricks and cement. It is built and developed keeping in mind the strong and unshakeable sentiment, one has for one’s family. In the same manner we believe that an office should not be a 4 wall cabin where you work, but a place where you make your family’s future.

We want to you rely on us for your better future, for your reliable homes, for your abode.

All Project Summary
Balleshwar apartment @ Usmanpura (2000-2001)   unit :- 16
Balleshwar Bunglow @ Bopal   (2002-2003)     unit :- 55
Balleshwar Avenue @ S.G.Road (2003-2004)    unit :- 21
Balleshwar Gold @ Bopal  (2004-2005)  unit :- 37
Balleshwar Vihar @ Bopal  (2005-2006) unit :- 56  + shop :- 24
Saundarya Villa @ Ambli   (2005-2007) unit :- 12
Balleshwar Square @ S.G.Road  (2006-2007) unit :- 24
Balleshwar Residency @ Usmanpura  (2006-2007) unit :- 12
Balleshwar Krupa @ Bopal  (2006-2007) unit :- 50
Balleshwar Upvan 1,2 & 3 @ Ghuma (2007-2008-2009) unit :- 125
Sumukh villa @ Ambli  (2008-2009)  unit :- 12
Balleshwar City @ Hathijan (2011-2014) unit :- 96 + shop :- 100
Balleshwar Silver line @ Hathijan (2012-2013) unit : 46 + shop :- 12
Balleshwar Homes @ Hathijan (2014-2015) unit :- 75
Pushkar - 2 @ Vatva GIDC - 1, Ahmedabad, (2015) unit :- industrial sheds 123 + Shops & office :- 78

We offer


Better Buildings, In Safer Hands


Building a Better Future, Reliable Luxury Habitations


A Quality Construction - Scaling New Heights